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The Platinum Wedding Package – $249

This package comes complete with:

  • An initial consultation to gather all of the bride’s ideas to make her day extra special. ($50 value)
  • One hour facial to help the bride relax & prep her skin for her special day ($59 value)
  • Shellac Manicure with soothing hand massage ($40 value)
  • Pedicure with hydrating mask and soothing foot massage ($45 value)
  • Beautiful bridal hair design ($75 value)
  • Customized makeup application designed to compliment the bride’s skin tone, jewelry, and wedding colors ($40 value)

The Gold Wedding Package – $149

This package comes complete with:

  • Initial consultation ($50 value)
  • Shellac Manicure ($40 value)
  • Beautiful bridal hair design ($75 value)
  • Makeup application ($40 value)

The Silver Wedding Package – $110

This package is a perfect way for mothers of the bride & groom and bridesmaids to share in this memorable occasion.

  • Artistic Hair ($75 value)
  • Makeup Application ($40 value)

The Gentleman’s Package – $80

This package is designed to get the groom relaxed and ready for the big day.

  • A designer haircut ($26 value)
  • Men’s manicure ($20 value)
  • Half hour massage ($35 value)

6 Months Ahead:

Start getting on a facial regimen. It will give you plenty of time to evaluate how your skin reacts to the treatment and how long it lasts. Discuss a schedule with our esthetician and figure on getting the last one at least one week before the wedding.

3 Months Ahead:

Since you’ve selected your gown you’re probably starting to think about hair and makeup. You might want to put a file together of various looks that you think you’d like to try, keeping in mind the following: your hair length and texture, whether or not you’re planning on wearing a headpiece, and the style of the gown. In terms of makeup, the questions we ask brides are: what time of day is your ceremony – is it outdoors or indoors? What kind of colors do you prefer? Do you think you’d like a natural look or something a little more glamorous?  We often find it’s easier for a bride to communicate her preferences with a picture.

2 Months Ahead:

The trial run for hair and makeup can be scheduled at the same time bachelorette party for an extra sparkle. Even though you may be wearing your hair differently than on your wedding day, we can use the time at the end of your session to try the bridal “do”. This will allow you to leave your hair styled for the rest of the evening to see how it holds up.

At this same time it is a good idea to being your Shellac manicure routine to get your hands in gorgeous shape for showing off your rings. This will guarantee added strength and appeal to your natural nails for your wedding day.

2 Weeks Ahead:

This is a good time to have your hair cut and colored and to tie up any loose ends with your designer for day of your wedding.

1 Week Ahead:

Enjoy your final facial so you skin will glow the day of your wedding. Schedule the Groom’s haircut and manicure appointments.

A Few Days Before:

Have your eyebrows shaped via waxing or tweezing. Also schedule your full body waxing (legs, bikini and underarms), giving you enough time for any sensitivity to subside before the wedding.

The Day Before:

Get a Shellac manicure and pedicure. To save time, pre-pay for any beauty services schedule for the day of your wedding.

The Day Of:

Schedule a massage or whatever you feel works best for you to calm yourself. Drink plenty of water, eat a hearty, healthy breakfast and remember to breathe, savor and enjoy your special day.

Hair & Make-Up Timing

It probably seems crazy to schedule your hair and make-up team to arrive so early on the morning of your wedding day but trust us when we say how much time we will need – and, if possible, come even earlier. Believe us, you would much rather have too much time than not enough.  If possible, have us come to you. We can’t stress enough how totally worth it it is to have a hair & make-up team come to your house or hotel room the morning of the wedding. It takes away the stress of traveling too or from the salon and allows your bridesmaids to immediately get into the dresses when their hair/make-up is done if need be.

As a bride, your first instinct may be to think you should go last with hair & make-up. Ignore this instinct. Your hair and make-up might take the longest and (lets be honest) it is the most important. So be sure to go first or second (especially if you have a larger bridal party). Don’t worry, the hair & make-up team will stick around to do your finishing touches after you have your dress on. Plus, this way you can actually drink that mimosa and relax with your girls instead of stressing about whether or not there is enough time for us to do your up-do.

Also, be sure to tell all of your bridesmaids exactly how much they will be responsible for in regards to their own hair and make-up costs. You’d be surprised how much time can be wasted with bridesmaids scrambling around looking for extra cash or their checkbooks. More than likely, they’re expecting to pay for this themselves, just be up front with them about what to expect and you’ll definitely save yourself time and stress.

Bridal Contract

We look forward to working with you on one of the most memorable days of your life. We vow to make this journey enjoyable and fun. Let’s get started!  Call today, one of our front desk coordinators will be more than happy to assist you with your next step.

We look forward to hearing from you!